Did You File an Extension for Your Individual Tax Return? Don’t Wait Until October – File ASAP to Avoid Interest and Penalties!

Anyone who has not yet filed their 2021 tax return, including those who requested an extension, should file as early as possible once they have all their information together. There’s no need to wait until the October deadline.

Preparing your tax return as soon as possible can either help get a refund faster, or it can save you money if you owe by avoiding additional interest and penalties.

If you owe taxes for 2021, you can review all payment options online. These include paying taxes through an Online Account with IRS Direct Pay or paying by debit card, credit card or digital wallet. The IRS has options for people who can’t pay their taxes, including applying for a payment plan on IRS.gov.

There’s no benefit to waiting if you haven’t filed your 2021 tax return yet. Give us a call today to secure your refund or avoid interest!