Our Approach

We strive to be a partner in success with not only an organization’s owner, but with the entire organization. Looking beyond the numbers, we analyze the data and how that data came to be. We empower your organization to learn, improve, and grow. We understand that there is no “one size fits all” solution for healthcare providers. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box and customizing each solution to meet your needs. Our services are scalable – whether you need accounting services, tax preparation, payroll, or more, we have the answer!

Our Story

Tortolano and Company was started with a new approach to professional services for healthcare providers. Rather than focusing on volume and simplifying our offerings like an assembly line, we strive to meet your organization’s needs. We make sure that you have the data you need to make decisions, and the guidance you need to ensure that you are on the right path.

Why We Are Different

Tortolano and Company specializes in professional services and consulting for healthcare providers. We are not a general accounting and payroll company that happens to have a few healthcare clients. Healthcare consulting is what we do, period. Many firms take on healthcare clients without truly understanding the business, and try to get by with a “fake it till you make it approach.” When you give us a call, you’ll understand why we’re different. We have the knowledge and the experience your organization needs. Ask us hard questions – we have the answers!

Next Step…

Send us an email or call us to schedule a time that we can discuss how your organization and Tortolano and Company can work together. You’ll be amazed at the differences between our organization and other healthcare consultants! Don’t wait . . . you need the best data and expertise to navigate the changing healthcare landscape!