Billing & A/R Management

Healthcare providers rely on efficient and correct billing to survive.  Like all businesses, billing is just one part of the cash flow process.  Managing accounts receivable is the other part of the process that is equally important as billing.  This takes time and money.  We can help you with your billing and A/R management.  Our billing and A/R management services integrate with your organization’s existing policies, procedures and electronic records software.  Our goal is to make your billing and receivables process easier, efficient and more affordable, allowing you to keep more of what you earn.

Tortolano & Company provides the following billing and accounts receivable services to clients:

  • Coding and Compliance for Each Claim Processed (pre-billing audit).
  • Customized billing and A/R reports.
  • Fee Schedule Analysis & Recommendations.
  • HIPAA Compliance and Monitoring.
  • Patient Collection Liaison.
  • Posting and Reconciliation of Payments.
  • Secure Online File Transfer.
  • Unpaid Claims Follow Up.


We understand the complexity of billing for different providers. Allowing us to take this consuming and critical task off of your shoulders allows you to focus on patient care and running the organization. We run the back office so you can keep the organization moving forward.