Making financial decisions is not something that should be done on a whim.  Neither should tax preparation.  You work hard for your money, and you deserve to keep as much of the money you earn as possible.  A proactive approach that focuses on who you are is important and one of the most important factors in helping you plan for the future and even today.

A one size fits all approach to tax preparation isn’t going to work for you.  Your tax situation is unique and therefore, requires a unique approach.  This unique approach extends beyond the actual preparation of your federal and state tax returns.  When we look at your entire financial situation, what financial goals you have.

Our approach takes into account all of the deductions you are entitled to, but also all of the available tools and resources to help you reduce your tax liability.  Paying less in taxes legally and without risk of audit is something Tortolano & Company prides itself on.  When you sit down with us or talk to us, we will go beyond the forms and numbers.

To help you succeed, we provide the following services:

  • Tax Preparation and Planning:  Thinking beyond the past year, we focus on the current year and future years.  Every taxpayer has goals and a future ahead of them to plan for.  You know this and we know this.  Our approach helps you reach those financial and life goals with guidance.
  • Estate and Retirement Planning:  When you finally get to do what you want and ready to stop the 9-5 schedule, you will need other sources of income.  Working with you and keeping your goals in mind, we make sure you are able to live the lifestyle you want in retirement. This also extends to asset protection and passing those assets to future generations.
  • IRS Representation:  Should you be selected for audit by the IRS or a state tax department, we will be by your side.
  • Personal Financial Statements:  Are you thinking about becoming an entrepreneur or buying that investment property?  You will need personal financial statements to secure that line of credit or mortgage.
  • Marriage Dissolution:  The tax implications of dividing assets, transferring property and long-term financial effects are very important to understand.  We will help guide you through the process and make sure all alternatives and methods are considered to minimize your tax exposure.
  • Personal and Business Integration:  Small business owners understand that what happens at the office follows them home. Therefore, we understand the small business owners unique situation with a sole proprietor, partnership and S-Corporation income effects on your personal return and tax situation.
  • Personal Record Keeping and Budgeting:  Once a year is sometimes not enough to sit down and review your finances.  We can help get you on the right path and stay on that path so you reach your goals.

We also understand you have a busy schedule. Therefore, we are able to schedule an appointment convenient to you – early morning, evening and on weekends.