It’s more than just putting numbers on a form…

Tax Preparation

Corporate and partnership tax law and regulation is always changing. Staying on top of these changes not only takes time but also dedication and knowledge. Tortolano & Company monitors tax changes continuously and a firm priority so you receive the best service possible. Allowing us to monitor the changes helps us, help you by minimizing your tax liability.

Tax season is not just four months every year, but an ongoing, year long process. Tax planning not only keeps you from being surprised at the end of the year, but also allows Tortolano & Company to offer different scenarios to help you minimize your tax liability while maximizing your tax savings. This step reduces your stress level, and allows us to work diligently on cost savings for you. Our professionals work with you all year, not just from January to April. Working all year allows us to capitalize on constantly changing tax law that may benefit you, but by also planning on changes that may negatively impact your tax situation.

All of our clients receive personalized attention. A “one size fits all” approach will never be applied to you or your organization while working with Tortolano & Company. You are unique, your business is unique, and therefore your tax planning is unique. Entering numbers on a form is data entry, but careful analysis combined with thought and knowledge is the Tortolano & Company method of tax preparation.

Tax Research & Consultation

Are you curious about how a recent tax law change may benefit you or possible hurt you? We can help. We will research the specific tax law and any associated laws and rules and design an overall strategy to help you maximize the benefit or minimize your tax liability.

Federal(IRS) & State Tax Department Representation

Dealing with the IRS and individual state tax departments is time consuming and delicate. Choosing Tortolano & Company to represent your business allows experts to focus on the situation and ask the questions while resolving the situation in the most cost effective manner. Self-representation can be costly – not just in terms of your time, but also in terms of monetary expense.

Multi-State Taxation & Business Operations (“Nexus”)

Operating an organization in multiple states is a great accomplishment for any business and organization. We can help you by segregating revenue and expenses to each state in order to avoid paying tax on money earned in one state versus another state. Each state is different and so is their tax law – a one size fits all approach to multi-state operations is not only expensive, but incorrect. Tortolano & Company will work with you to ensure each state gets its fair share, and you only pay what is required.

Use Tax Filings

The penalties on non-compliant sales tax filings can be substantial. We can file timely sales and meals tax filing on your behalf to ensure you do not pay unnecessary fees.