Staffing Solutions for Your Business

Your business is ready to reach the next step and expand, which will require
staffing. The transition from a one or two person operation to a staff of five or
more can be a difficult one to navigate. You don?t want to lose the intimacy and
cohesiveness of your organization, but you also need to grow. What?s the best

– Friends and Family. If there?s genuine interest and talent within your family,
why not take advantage? Set forth clear expectation, offer fair compensation,
and comply with state rules and regulations regarding fair hiring procedures
and you?ll be on your way to a successful family business. Certainly such
arrangements aren?t ideal for every family, but you?ll know if this is the right
answer for you.

– Independent Contractors. Freelancers are a flexible solution to staffing
your business, often working at an hourly rate. With an independent
contractor you can get expert help when you need it, but you don?t have to
pay for them on an ongoing basis. Simply put, you the benefits of having a
real staff, but without the hassle or responsibility of dealing with full-time

– Virtual Assistants. For many administrative functions, a virtual assistant can
work remotely from anywhere in the country or the world. While you?ll want to
be sure you know who you are hiring, many qualified workers who are
currently raising their children or retired have hours available to assist you
and your business. This is an excellent way to increase productivity, without
altering the environment of your office.

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