Nursing Home Inspections are Ramping Up Nationwide: NY Nursing Homes Hit with Big Fines.

From AP News:

“Health inspectors found safety shortcomings at 77 New York nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic, including basic infection-control violations like failing to have staff wear masks or wash their hands, according to records and state officials.”

“State and federal inspection records show that about half a dozen homes were cited for failing to isolate COVID-19 patients from residents who didn’t have the virus.”

“At least 20 were cited over staff neglecting to wash their hands or properly use face masks, gloves or gowns. Inspectors found examples of unmonitored residents at another half-dozen nursing homes not wearing masks and sitting close to other patients.”

“The state has fined 23 nursing homes a total of $328,000 for violations since March 1, according to Department of Health spokesperson Jill Montag.”

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