Operating a skilled nursing facility and a long term care facility allows you the ability to care for a wide range of patients. Within your facility, you know that costs are increasing resulting in your facility getting squeezed.

As long term care evolves and new regulation is implemented, you must stay one step ahead.  However, being tied into so much of the back office functions within your facility takes you away from being able to be a step ahead.  We can help you keep one foot forward while emphasizing your goals and commitment to patients, staff, and equally important, yourself and organization.

Using an outside service does not mean having to give up control.  Tortolano & Company becomes embedded in your organization as a partner, assimilating to policies and procedures, but identifying processes that can save your facility money. As skilled nursing facilities take a larger role in the care of patients, you need more time to manage the operations of your business.  We can provide the following services so you can focus on what you desire to do – care for patients.  The services we provide to skilled nursing and long term care facilities include:

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