IT Services 

We are different than other IT service providers.  Tortolano & Company becomes a part of your organization.  Our staff takes the time to get to know your staff and understand your organization from the ground up.  We take the time to grasp and follow your company’s vision while being cost effective.  Becoming a part of your staff, rather than an outside service is not only cost effective, but creates a cohesive flow to keep your business growing.  As an asset, IT services do not need to be expensive to effective, but they do need to be effective to succeed.  Put us to work for you and we will save you money while increasing productivity.

A generic solution is neither feasible or professional.  We take the time to develop a unique plan to present different options designed to meet your organization’s needs.  Our golden rule is to never accept the “one size fits all” approach to providing services.

The following IT services are offered by Tortolano & Company to healthcare providers:

Help Desk & Remote Access

Does your IT support take forever to get back to you or waste your valuable work time troubleshooting a problem?  That has ended!  We can quickly troubleshoot any issue with your workstations, point of care devices, servers and other equipment remotely. If a user has a problem and we are unable to remotely correct the situation, without extra costs to you, our staff will come on site at a time that is convenient to you.  Unlike other IT service providers, we will not gauge you for additional fees to fix a problem.  We are here to help you in a cost effective and efficient manner – not generate unjust billable hours.

HIPAA Compliance

Compliance standards are tough and sometimes not the easiest to follow.  Tortolano & Company can help your organization create or update existing HIPAA policies to ensure you are following federal guidelines.  In some states, additional privacy laws also dictate a high level of compliance and security.  Don’t let your organization get caught without a comprehensive HIPAA policy in place.  Fines can be staggering and be very costly – but this is something we can help you avoid.

Network & Systems Consulting

The systems you use everyday are integral to operating your business.  But so are the methods of communication within your office and connecting your office to the outside world.  We can help you look at the alternatives when it’s time to consider upgrading due to growth or moving on to a new system as your organization evolves.  Many aspects must be considered in addition the biggest question: How will this impact my business?  This question sometimes goes unanswered when new systems are put in place.  Putting us in charge of presenting you with all of the options will answer this question and more questions while you continue to grow the organization.

Network & Systems Management

The continual maintenance and management of computer systems is time consuming and expensive.  But it doesn’t need to be.  We work with you and your staff to identify critical management and necessities and those that are nice to have, but may not be needed.  Our staff can save you time, money and frustration by keeping the backbone of your company going while providing a cost effective solution.


IT staff are an important part of your organization to keep all levels of employees and management running effectively and make sure systems are properly working.  However, the cost of the full time or part time employees, benefits and taxes can be expensive.  We can help you – reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide services as needed.  Whether IT services are needed once a day, once a week or once a month, we can become an integrated part of your organization to manage IT systems to keep your organization running smoothly.

Software Selection & Planning

As an organization grows, the software that worked for the first couple years may not work well with a much larger staff or meet the demands of a growing company. Tortolano & Company can advise you on different options, the process of implementing those options as well integrating the new software into your company.  We will also assist in training your staff on the new software and policies and procedures that ensure you get your money’s worth out your new investment.

Software Training & Continuing Education

Employees and staff should be maximizing a software package’s features that you paid for.  With that in mind, training on how to use critical software can sometimes be left up to an individual user.  Allowing us to train your employees not only increases efficiency which decreases your expenses, it creates better employee morale and positive good will for your organization.