Massachusetts CHIA Publishes Nursing Facility Industry Report

Massachusetts CHIA has released their first ever report on the Nursing Facility Industry in Massachusetts. CHIA’s initial report examines the Commonwealth’s nursing facilities at an industry level, as well as by analytic cohorts, on measures of utilization, financial performance, and quality of care over a five-year period (2013–2017). In addition to this report, CHIA has also developed an analytic dashboard that facilitates a profile view of each of the 393 nursing facilities in Massachusetts. Many of these trends are also occurring at the national level.

Key Findings

  • From 2013 to 2017, utilization of nursing facilities in the Commonwealth declined 5.4%.
  • In 2017, 92.9% of nursing facility resident days were covered by three payer types: MassHealth (69.0%), Medicare (12.7%), and Self-Pay (11.2%).
  • Among these three largest payer categories, Medicare resident days declined the greatest percentage from 2013 to 2017 (-14.8%), compared to Medicaid (-3.4%), and self-pay (-4.8%).
  • Across nursing facilities, the median operating margin declined from -0.8% in 2013 to -3.9% in 2017.
  • On a per-resident day basis, revenue increased across these three largest payer categories: Medicare (+10.1%), Medicaid (+5.5%), and self-pay (+7.4%).
  • In 2017, 67.8% of resident days were provided at facilities with quality rated as average or above, with the remaining 32.2% provided by facilities rated as below or much below average.

Click here to read the full report from CHIA.