Importance of Networking

Small business owners are forced to spend the majority of their time marketing
their small business. While this can be an exhaustive struggle, Web 2.0
technologies have made it easier than ever before, at least in theory. While
Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are effective tools and free for you to join, they
are also free to your competitors. Unless you’re actively using these social media
tools, you’re not going to enjoy the benefits they offer. Here are three tips to
maximize the value of social media and bolster your business network.

Engage With Your Field
One way to distinguish yourself on the web is to contribute to ongoing dialogues.
Facebook and twitter are interactive mediums. So while they are a great way to
share your latest news, make sure you take an interest in what your clients and
your competition are doing also. Actively participating in online forums and
communities not only increase your online existence, but also showcase your
thoughts, personality, and approach to business.

Know Your Market
By observing your competition through social media, not only will you be on their
radar, but you’ll have a better understanding of what you’re up against. It’s
impossible to beat your competition if you don’t know your market and the major
players in it. If one of your rivals has a novel idea, it’s to your advantage to be
aware of it as you prepare to launch yours. Market awareness will help motivate
you to expand your toolkit and operate at the top of your game.

Be Your Own Mentor
Because the landscape of modern business is so dynamic, the principals of
yesteryear are no longer as apt as they once were. Web 2.0 marks a new dawn
for everyone, and also a clean slate. Think of this as an opportunity to pioneer
new strategies for your business. Maximize the technologies at your disposal and
through observation, trial and error, and continued socialization, you’ll learn how
to drive your business into the next generation.

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