Humana Preempting Home Health by doing it themselves

Humana is taking a proactive approach to home health.  Humana at Home is a program developed by the insurer and has been rolled out nationwide.  The program currently provides care to over 1 million participants.


Humana at Home works directly with patients Humana has designated as high risk.  Aetna, who is purchasing Humana, has applauded the program as an innovative method of reducing risk and providing care.  However, for home health agencies, the risk is real that potential services are not being provided to those in need.


Agencies need to be very weary of this program as it gathers more attention. Although Humana is not providing direct care, Humana has the possibility of reducing overall contracted agencies and working with national providers who have a one size fits all model.


Please let us know if your agency has had any experiences with Humana at Home.  We would like to continue to investigate this new threat to home health agencies like yours.