How To Get Free Advertising

Did you know you can advertise you can get free advertising in your local newspaper or on the radio and even TV?  Well you can, and there are a couple different ways to do it.

The first, least time consuming method on your part is to create a press release and send it to your local newspapers.  A press release usually includes new changes within your agency or the addition of valuable staff members.  The press release will typically be run within in a week of submission to the paper.    The release also allows you to list contact information and provide detail on the services your agency provides.  This is a great way to increase awareness about home care and home health while at the same time helping your agency set itself apart from competition. 

Things you could write about include a recent survey in which you had no deficiencies, the addition of new clinical programs and services, new coverage areas or expansion of existing coverage areas and the addition of new staff.    If you are going to do a release about new programs or services and have more than one new service to offer, spread these offerings out over a couple weeks in separate releases. 

What about when Home Health Compare gets updated?  Use that information to compare yourself and use it as an opportunity to educate potential patients how great your agency is compared to others.  Do you use CASPER reports that show patients under you agency’s care are better off upon discharge?  You should be and this is a major way to set your agency apart from the competition.

An agency that looks good is a two-fold proposition:  more referrals and patients but also more interest in quality and reliable clinicians.  Staffing is half the battle in operating an agency.  If you have the patients but not the staff, your agency isn’t going to grow.  However, if you can show that as a reputable, quality agency where quality of quantity takes center stage, the likelihood of clinicians wanting to become a staff member will increase.

The second method of getting free advertising, and this applies to TV, radio, blogs and local groups, not just newspapers is through offering your expertise to these different information sources.  When you set yourself up as an expert or someone willing to give details or information about a current topic in home health, you and your agency will get mentioned.  Not only does this give you credibility to patients, but also to referrals sources and potential new hires. 

By being that unique, locally owned agency, you have the ability to do something that the national agencies can’t do.  You can communicate directly through different sources to the patients you want in your local area and create a personal connection.  Infusing your local ties to the area helps extend that personal connection to potential patients and referral sources because you care about the well-being of those in your community. Unlike the larger companies, you are simply not trying to gain market share without the care your agency provides.


If you would like more information on how to get started with a media based marketing campaign, please click reply to this email. I look forward to hearing from you!