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Are you ready for your flu clinics?  Every agency has at least one or offers flu shots to patients.  But do you ever find yourself with more vaccine than patients or staff to use the vaccine on?  It’s common, but with every dollar mattering now, it’s important to only order and have on hand what is necessary.

The easiest way to determine how many actual, billable flu shots were administered in 2013 and prior years is to refer to your cost report.  Since cost reports require separate reporting, it jumps right out at you.  Look at Worksheet A-4, Reclassifications and your cost report will likely state something similar to ‘Flu Vaccine Reclass’ with the amount appearing in column 4.

Planning can also be helpful. If you plan on expanding your flu clinics to include retirement communities, health fairs, or other events, asking attendees to sign up first will help you. Use this data to project how many you need and order only the amount you must.

As in prior years, the scarcity of the vaccine can sometimes create a problem. Planning now and figuring out how much you need will save you trouble in the future.  Over the next month, the vaccine will be in high demand, so make sure to get your order in place within the next few weeks.