Hiring Right – The First Time

Finding the right person for your small business is one of most difficult tasks your
face as an owner. The right hire can make instant contributions, while the wrong
hire will make your business suffer. It?s absolutely critical, therefore, that you
know how to hire the right person the first time. Here?s a guide to help:

1. The Job Description – Create a job description that gives a complete
overview of the potion, needed skills, as well as desired intangibles (i.e.
work ethic, commitment, interest, etc.) Remember that you are trying to
attract a certain kind of applicant, so be sure the language and style of
your job description is tailored to appeal to that type of person.

2. Reasonable Timetable – Most bad hires are the result of deadline
pressure, where the candidate did not receive a thorough or was hired
even though he or she was not fully qualified. Give yourself time to find the
right person for the long-term and satisfy your immediate needs with
temps or impendent contractors. This will keep you from rushing into hasty

3. Interview Process – Invite only the top applicants to interview, ideally
people who are all equally qualified that need to be distinguished by
personality, professional manner, and whatever natural rapport you have
with them. Ask broad, open questions, allowing them to highlight their
strengths and weaknesses as they see fit. The style in which these
candidates answer he same broad questions, and the ways they promote
themselves within such a generic framework, will be very revealing.

4. Follow-Up – If the interview process leaves your decision between two
qualified candidates, be sure to hold follow-up interviews where more
members of your team have the opportunity to interact with the candidate
and allow you to witness your prospective hire in a context more typical of
the job they would be performing. The more relaxed your candidate is, the
better insight you?ll have to their true self.

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