Agencies File Suit against private insurer

Two home health agencies are suing Florida based Univita Healthcare Solutions for lack of payment.  The east coast based agencies, Villa Maria Health Care Services and Catholic Home Health Services of Broward, are requesting reimbursement as outlined in their contracts.


Univita is a managed care plan approved by the State of Florida, but on July 28, 2015 lost its HMO contracts. The subscribers of the plan are Medicaid enrollees.  Univita has responded to contracted agencies by telling those affected to seek payment from the health care plans Univita subcontracted with.


The lawsuit is seeking outstanding receivables, legal fees, and interest on the unpaid balance.  This will be an interesting case to watch as this is one of the few health insurers who have collapsed and been unable to pay contracted agencies.  Agencies who do provide services and have contracts with smaller plans such as this should not let receivables accumulate.  Your exposure should be set relatively low until a history of prompt and accurate payments have been received.