Existing and start-up home care agencies know that competition for clients, staff and referral sources is tough.  We can help you organize your agency to promote efficiency and home care growth.

Policies and Procedures
Updating and instilling best practices in your agency help create uniformity and efficiency.  We work with you to review exiting policies and procedures and make recommendations to that achieve your overall goals.

Accounting, Billing and Payroll Systems
Cash flow is important to your agency. We develop client billing and invoicing strategies to help maximize cash flow while reducing collections. We also work with you to streamline the payroll process as it can take quite a  bit of time and a mistake can be expensive.  Payroll liabilities alone can sink your agency.

Technology Selection
Using computers and electronic medical records will make your agency run efficiently. However, the selection of such devices and the software is a time consuming process. We can help you select a system that will be cost effective and help you manage your home care agency.

Human Resources
Managing personnel can be complicated.  Between recruiting and paperwork requirements, the amount of time spent on finding qualified staff can put a drain on resources.  We can help you develop policies and systems to efficiently manage the recruiting and staff placement process.

Training and Continuing Education
Staff education and preparation is the key to your success. We can help you implement competency testing and regulation educational seminars to keep your staff’s skills sharp and up to date.

Marketing & Sales
Referrals are not the easiest thing to come by.  But, working on your current sources and adding new sources will drive your agency to new levels.  Working together, we will develop a strategy that will make your agency successful and attract new clients.