Compliance updates

PEPPER: Program for Evaluating Payment Patterns Electronic Report PEPPER has come to home health. The first set of statistics are going to be made available through December 2014.  The report gives Medicare providers information about their payment patterns that could

What we hear: July, 2015

The proposed rule for 2016 is a continued step in the wrong direction for all home health providers – whether for-profit like you or even non-profit agencies.  While ObamaCare is primarily responsible, blame must also be placed on those providers

Stars ratings are out!

The long awaited star ratings are finally out and some agencies are not happy.  Meanwhile, other agencies are quite happy and have not waited to issue press releases to let the community know how great they are. Star ratings for

Documenting a Termination

Terminations are never easy.  However, proper documentation can go a very long way in protecting your agency from future litigation.  Documentation is especially critical for several reasons:  Adherence to company policies.  Documentation can indicate whether an employee knew that the

What we Hear: June, 2015

Summer is here and the need for planning not only extends to ICD-10 implementation but also the development of a strategy and a plan for marketing. Marketing and strategy is two different things.  You must develop a strategy on how

Hospice Update: 2016 Proposed Rule

Hospice providers will be rejoicing, knowing that reimbursement isn’t going down, but up.  For 2016, hospice providers should expect a 1.3% increase from 2015. However, hospice providers will not be so happy with the new payment models.  For routine home