HHS Changes the Rules for COVID-19 Provider Relief Grants Again.

HHS has changed the rules for COVID-19 Provider Relief Grant funds yet again. In their most recent flip-flop, HHS is now allowing providers to keep grant funds up to the difference in their year-over-year revenue from 2019 to 2020. Why

Medicare Advanced and Accelerated Loan Repayments Have Been Delayed!

Congress has passed the Under the new “Continuing Appropriations Act” of 2021 and the “Other Extensions Act.” Thanks to these new laws, repayment of your Medicare advanced or accelerated loan has been delayed until one year after the original payment

North Carolina: Welcome to the Review Choice Demonstration! Introductory Webinar from Palmetto GBA.

The Review Choice Demonstration for home health agencies in North Carolina is beginning. Palmetto GBA is holding an introductory webinar to assist providers with the transition to RCD. North Carolina providers in the Review Choice Demonstration are invited to join