Home Health Benchmarks

Gentiva is the largest home health provider in the country. This is why Kindred is getting ready to perform a hostile takeover and reach 47 states with their combined services. Amedisys, Almost Family and LHC Group are the smallest of

Home Health Fingerprinting

A hidden provision within the Affordable Care Act (ACA) means you are going to have to hand over your fingerprints.  Current agency owners with greater than 5% ownership will be forced to submit finger prints.  All new home health providers

Home Health Cost Reports – Part 3

An expense that is deducted for tax purposes may not be deductible for cost reporting.  There is two types of cost report expenses, ‘allowable’ and non-allowable’. Allowable expenses must be: -Reasonable and non-extravagant. -Patient care related. -Paid in the year