Small Business Owner’s Wear Many Hats

Small business owners need no reminder of the challenges they face. Because most owners sport multiple roles— often serving as their own HR, legal, accounting, business development, recruiter, and their own sales department— challenges are everywhere. Here’s a look at

Goals = Growth

Small business owners are ambitious by nature, but this virtue can occasionally derail your business instead of driving it forward. Ambitions and high expectations are certainly valuable to your organization, but so are maintaining basic, achievable goals. Sometimes the simplest

Importance of Networking

Small business owners are forced to spend the majority of their time marketing their small business. While this can be an exhaustive struggle, Web 2.0 technologies have made it easier than ever before, at least in theory. While Facebook, Twitter,

Promoting Your Business

How do you promote your small business at the lowest cost and for maximum effectiveness? Yellow Pages Once upon a time, every business paid for inclusion in the big yellow book. Today, most people recycle the yellow pages the instant